Blast Band™ FAQ

Blast Band® FAQ

For The Best Party Ever, Give Talent Manager Rick A Call Anytime At (678) 480-8743 For Unlimited Music Planning!

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Blast Band Questions.

Prices range depending on several factors. Please call us today at 678.480.8743 to discuss talent options. Please tell us what the perfect band would be all about, how many folks will be there and your main objectives.

The Blast Band has been together since 1996 and have performed hundreds of fun, memorable & successful events. Please check out our customer reviews and learn more about the Award-Winning Blast Band!

A lifetime of dedication to our craft and a fanatical devotion to quality, service and customer satisfaction.

We know hundreds and hundreds of tunes! We perform new school, old school and everything in-between.

Yes! We work with you to make sure you have the best celebration ever!

Yes. Our music service has been creating a lifetime of awesome memories for the special customers we serve since 1987.

Absolutely! The secret to our success is finding out what the perfect event is for you and then giving it to you.

We bring a great sounding speaker system and stage lights so your event will sound, look, and feel fantastic!

We typically like to arrive 3-4 hours before the guests start arriving.

Typically half when you place your buying decision and the other
half the day of the special occasion.

No. We do ask that the band performance area be flat and relatively close to electricity.

Typically we ask for a 12 ft. deep x 24 ft. wide area depending on the size of the band. We can condense the performance area if needed.

Have A Blast at your event and you will look like a party planning genius! You can forget about falling victim to a lame party! Your satisfaction is always guaranteed! Please see our customer reviews!

Yes. If a dark cloud comes by and it starts to rain, it is impossible to grab all the gear and run for cover because everything is all wired up.